Lovey Dovey

This book deals with problems of being a “Duff” in a group of hot friends, in high school, and meeting your soul mate through an “accident” or more like an “escape” from reality. I liked it a lot, maybe even “Loved” it. It’s attracting and engaging to read. With a little mixture of intense on the go. 2/13/2015

This book is about how a teenage girl handle family problems and try to settle down her life again. She is a dynamic character (always changing), and ultimately need the help of her new family to get her all back together. I recommend both of these two books by Kody Keplinger because I think that she is a really good writer. She wrote in a style and way that I can relate to and therefore get pulled into the book and could finish it easily. Whereas, it takes me forever to finish any other books. She was able to spark or light the interest in me and keep me wanting to keep reading. These are page-turning books, so I would totally recommend you to go for it and try reading these. 🙂 2/13/2015

Shut Out is a pretty good book, dealing with “sex” strike, if anybody is interested. Lysistrata (a book that has the same kind of problems in the book Shut Out), was also mentioned in the book as well. Because the concept used between the two main characters from both books is similar. But as I continue to read these books in order that I have listed here, I gradually lost the engagement and a little bit of interests in wanting to know what is going to happen next that I have had while reading the first book called “The Duff.” 3/27/2015

“Death Note” is an anime-series books. It included a plot that is pretty interesting in my opinion. Where Light Yagumi acted as both a good son, great student, AND..I’m going to stop here. Because you need to find out the last answer alone by yourself. Guess it’s much better that way right? 🙂 Even if it’s probably would’ve figured it out. Okay so well, I liked this series a lot, it’s very engaging. However, I did get bored one time and stopped for a while. But then, I picked up the books again and finished the whole series. There’s only like 12 or 13 books so don’t worry. It’s fast to read it all if you like it. If not, 10 pages could turn into an infinity.. Soo, yes, I do recommend reading this anime-series called “Death Note.” 4/27/2015

The Count of Monte Cristo mainly deals with revenge. No matter who is speaking or what the situation is, revenge seems to be lurking around the corners, pushing the story forward. This book shows the transition and transformation between pure innocence to deadly dangerous. This is an interesting and a great book. So I think you should read it and check it out for yourself. This is the most non-boring book ever that I’ve read in the “required” book reading course. I might have exaggerated it a little bit, but you know what I mean..hopefully. 😀 4/27/2015

Animal Farm is a book that has a history-based background and it involves the revolution of the animals, having a totally equal status, to have ranks placed upon them, by “natural laws”. It shows the developing process in which the pig, Napoleon, take power and the meaning of “Silence means agreement.” I think reading this will make you realize certain things, lessons, morals about the nature and life, if you haven’t already explored it. It will also help you to understand more about history and the way things work if you have a limited knowledge when dealing with life. In which case, you would or will lose to your opponents. It’s a good book so don’t hesitate to pick it up as you pass by the rows of the library. 😉 4/27/2015

I barely read this book, but it seems to have an insight about technology and the predictions of a world that we, humans, have not thought of before. It gives us a warning and hints to us that if we keep abusing the technology, then sooner or later, our minds will not be used to its fullest potential. And eventually, it will die, as there is no need for it to work with all these new inventions are being created. It is indeed kind of scary when I think about it. It gives me chills and somewhat sadness. 4/27/2015


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