A Shirt-Bag Appearance!

Ideas in our heads are easy to think of. But useful or not is actually a question. How to carry it out and publish or sell the idea to the audience is not that easy. People have great ideas all the time. However, not a lot of people actually commit and bring it to life. I am, honestly speaking, is one of those people. Tell me to think of an idea? Awesome possem. Not that hard. But actually doing it? Hmmmm….I’ve got to think about that. First of all, as a student, I am not that creative. Second of all, no experience in life or even know how to do some simple things correctly, let alone creating an innovative item? You’ve got to be kidding me. Well, bad or not, I still have to do it. So why not try right? My English teacher says I could fail, because that’s how I will be able to learn new things. Sure…I don’t think failing and getting a grade I don’t want is a specifically good thing. Who is going to let me try again huh? Definitely not my transcripts nor the colleges. Anyways, enough ranting. Let’s get to work now.

My innovation project idea at first was a little common. It was to create an event where I would invite people to come, spend time, hang out, have fun, and write down their secrets, worries, and/or hopes that they want to get rid of. Or want to put out there, where it will be safe because no one else can see it. A form of relief one self and heart. When I just came up with it, I was all like “YEAH BABY! IT SOUNDS AWESOME. I WANT TO DO SOMETHING FOR ALL THE JANITORS AT MY SCHOOL.” But later, as Time progressed by, I asked for some opinions and told some of my friends about it. Some were supportive so they were like, “Yeah, you should do it, it sounds cute.” But, this one specific person just told me very frankly, “That’s just stupid.” Wowwwww right? Yup, exactly. That was how I felt. TOTALLY OFFENSIVE. So, I tried to back up my point/idea by saying the reason why I want to do it or how I got the idea plus came up with it. There was also a paper in class that was mainly asking about why, when, where, how, and basically the purpose of this idea of each individual. As I was going through all these opinions and this worksheet, I was like…..Maybe it is not such a good idea that I originally thought it was. Why? Because there was no other purpose than to help people and the janitors relieve their worries or proposing their inner hopes. It was good but then it’s kind of cliche. Plus, I am not the party type of person, you know. So it did not quite work out for me after all.
My first idea now goes down the drain. In vain. BUT! Don’t lose hope. Because I have came up with another idea. Better? Don’t know. But easier to carry out to light? Definitely. Useful even. More practical too of course. This time, the idea can be surely called “innovative.” It is to make a shirt into a bag to hold things, small little items. Yeah, right. Exactly. How wonderful, right? When you go to the beach, you can just wear the shirt over your bathing suit. Then after that, change into new clothes and put that wet bathing suit into the shirt. Nice, isn’t it? Due to the lack of materials, knowledge, as well as fashion experience, it was impossible for me to make it into something extremely pretty and fashionable. However, this is meant to be for Everybody. Anyone can do this. It is very simple. You could do it at home, just use one of your old shirt. Nothing too special or needy. If you want to decorate it, go ahead. Do whatever you want with it. It is yours to keep. You could buy the materials at a store like Michael’s or, if you already have it at home, Great. How did I come up with this idea? Well, teenagers usually LOVE to go to the beach, as well as others. So what is more convenient than that? Well, so the aftermath is that I went to the store, buy the materials (not that expensive so don’t worry), go home, put the stuff together, and TA DAA, WALLAH. It is done. Now I have a “Shirt Bag.” 😀 You are welcome to try it at home any time you want. In fact, I encourage you to do something that you can call your own. Or at least made it by yourself. Not so bad eh? Good luck and have fun. 🙂 Good day everybody.
*Note: If you want me to show you how to do it, leave a comment down below.*
Final Product (Convenient and Easy to make) —>

A Shirt Bag for English Innovation Project 001 A Shirt Bag for English Innovation Project 002 A Shirt Bag for English Innovation Project 003 A Shirt Bag for English Innovation Project 004 A Shirt Bag for English Innovation Project 005


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