This brawler thing is FANTASTIC! Fun debates and awesome arguments from every group. This is such a new thing that I have never done nor tried before. There are great moments as well as not so great.  Before the Brawl, each group has to submit at least from two to three questions that we have to come up with on our own from reading the book. Then, the teacher will select the ones that every one is going to do and prepare for. After that, ten questions were given out to the whole class and here we are, starting the journey of finding answers. Time were given in class to work on it with our group all together. It was kind of difficult to provide the best answers or solutions to a lot of questions like that. Because we could not focus on just one thing. Also, we did not know which question will be picked for us, so that’s nerve-wracking, too. What if he pick the one that our answers weren’t the best? The question crossed my mind. But, what else could we do? What comes will come. Right? So no point in worrying too much. Therefore, I just go for the best of them all.

I have to say that I did all of the work for the second Brawl called S.H.I.P. I also came up with the questions. One of my group-mate did help me out a little. But the other two didn’t show up at all. On the first Brawl, I did not see the file that was shared with me so I wasn’t be able to help out at all with the first one. However, I did ask them to resend me the file. Later, I found out that it was there the whole time. I just didn’t see it and didn’t know about it. But, I can’t really say that I did nothing to help. Because in fact, all of the answers for the questions were already brainstormed in class, as well as the making up of two to three questions for submission. So basically, I did help. All they have to do on the file was to type it down. Additionally, since I didn’t see the new Brawl document, I worked on the old one that I’ve received. So you can’t really say that I bailed out and did not work on it at all. That would be unfair. On the other hand, the second brawl was different. I had to actually type it all up, think of them, and work on them all by myself. So, that’s kind of made up for the first one already. Even though I was busy, I still managed to get it done before the due date. So that was good and lucky. 🙂
Next step is of course, THE BRAWL COMPETITION!!!!! It was VERY EXCITING! At first, two groups will go up and fight for their opinions. One attacks, the other defends. And vice versa. As things go on, people were either getting bored, off topic, or more enthusiastic. Depends on how the two groups portray their point/ perspective, with their body language. The way they stand, the volume of their speech, their slides, their information, and overall, their presentation itself. After some time into the debate, other students start to get involved. As they express each of their thoughts, they start to get into two sides. This is exactly what happen in real life on a much bigger and larger scale. If a small debate like this could turn out to be this complicated, then of course the bigger ones will definitely create more trouble as well as bigger problems. People always say that compromise is the best thing to do and we should accept each other’s differences of opinions. However, the truth is…no one can reconcile after arguing like that, argue for what they think is right. Standing up to one another to protect their own. There is no such thing as coming up with a good and beneficial solution for both parties at a time like this. All dreams.
As the debate starts to heat up, every one also raise their voices. The sitting students are obviously bystanders in this situation. They either cheer the students on or saying “OOOHHHHHH BURNEDDDDD” or things like that. Which is kind of like encouraging them on. You know how bullying work, and this is the same. War? No difference. Anything and every war or problems start up like this. Peaceful at first. However, if one starts to speak up, the other will speak up too. And once the problem is defined, no one can back down because of their big pride and ego. Usually, outsiders stay quiet and watch with their eyes only. This is why war, massacre, and genocide happened. No one acts upon it because it doesn’t bother them, since they are not the one involved in the situation. Ignorant is one of the root problems. But anyhow, it has been a real pleasure and honor to be one of the participants in these battles. There were many connections being made to the world through all the debates from both sides. It brought out the true colors of life. Many problems were brought to light and discussed, which is good. Whenever I’m the one outside, I can judge and tell what’s going on very clearly. Got a hold of the situation and could come up with so many things to respond . However, when I am the one who was actually standing up there, I was totally lost. I did not know how to respond nor anything that is going on. Maybe it was because of the pressure of being up there or basically just nervousness. Therefore, I couldn’t think straight or something.  Sad but truth. I seriously didn’t think that would happen to me. I was pretty confident actually. I don’t know what happen. What I do know is that the question that my group got, it was kind of hard for me already in the beginning. I wasn’t really prepared for this question and I kind of don’t understand it either. But anyhow, it was an awesome possem experience. Critical thinking, speaking and presenting skills were all being applied in this assignment. Nice eh? 😉 In addition, all the things that I didn’t get to say in class, I could go online and post it up. A second chance. 🙂 So yeah, that’s all I got for you today folks. Take care. I’ll see you all later, in my next blog posts perhaps. Have a good day. 😀

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