Bloggingo Experiencinco

Long story…Hmm…
Well, let me start with the beginning. Okay so, this is the first year EVER that I do something like this. Blogging instead of reading stories in the textbooks, answering questions, and then take the tests or quizzes? AWESOME POSSEM! 😀
There are so MANY FAILURES about this new experience, I have got to say my friends. Not a lot of traffic on my viewers. But that’s OKAY. Because guess what? Failure is the Mother of Success. 😉 However, part of it was my fault, too. I did not really try to like invite more traffic, more people/viewers. Use more attention grabbers and stuff like that, you know. In other words, I didn’t really care. I don’t know. I’m just not that into popularity. Haha…No. But overall, this year in English was a good and definitely exciting year. Though my English teacher always tells us students that it is Okay to Fail. But the thing is..we can’t really take risks and fail that freely. Easier said than done. We don’t get a chance to, that’s all. Because if we do, the grades are going to the transcripts and blah blah blah…You know what I mean. However, I really do appreciate this class and this opportunity of having a chance to explore new things while learning English like this. Gave ways for more entertainment and also the strategies to learn new things at the same time. This is what we call, “A Chance to Live Baby! YOLO!” (I made that up by the way). So yeah, this blogging thing is wonderful. I really enjoy being able to express my personality and putting my thoughts out there to raise awareness to some specific problems that I want to bring to light. Thank you for all the supports. Also, sometimes the due date and stuff like that are kind of annoying, because sometimes I fall asleep too early and forgot to do it. But thanks to the teacher that he did not put us down as late! Thank you Teacher, for being understandable! Love ya! ❤

Back to the main point. What I learned from doing this blogging thingy? I’m not sure. To write a blog post and publish it maybe? Well, I guess the main thing or idea here is to communicate to the world outside of school and the books. And bring things I learned in school and make it into something totally or mostly different for outside discussions. Basically, a different way of dealing with the information that we have learned and do something useful with it. I also learned how to bring out my ideas and communicate. Plus, learning new different ways, techniques, and styles of interesting and pulling writings. These things will probably help me in a future by me bringing my voice to the world. And sometimes even life lessons or human nature/ morale to other people so that they can know about it too. Spreading the good words and knowledge kind of thing. And of course, better presentations of some sort, along the line. Some things work for me but some did not. Like I failed to bring attraction to my blog posts to gain more views. Simple but hard. So close yet so far. And sometimes I have a hard time coming up with catchy titles and interesting topics to talk about in my blog posts. Or coming up with good tags. I’m pretty sure this happens to a lot of people as well. But don’t worry. Everything is fine, we just got to learn how to improve and be better. Isn’t that the whole point of learning and doing different things like this? Yes, it is. What worked for me though, is that I successfully was able to write a lot in each one. Only like sometimes, I couldn’t because I don’t really have anything else to say than the main point. But mostly, I can write a lot. I’m lucky for that. 🙂 And I am definitely is an open-minded person, willing to debate and argue about the different take on other’s perspective. I understand and not going to be offended about it. I am willing to learn more through the different points of view that each individual have after reading my posts. I’m very easy-going about that kind of stuff.
I think that a lot of my blog posts are good because I wrote them from my own heart and opinions. I actually put some feelings and thoughts into it. Not just for turning it in. One past post that I like was Gossiping is Good. You should totally check that out. Here’s my website Dancing Squared, if you would like to check out some other posts that may grab your interests, besides the one that I have linked for you. I don’t know what I’m going to do differently next time to be honest. Comes what may comes and be what may be. Face it head-on and straight on I suppose. Well, with a little planning is of course, would be better than without plan. My advice for next year’s bloggers is Just Do It. No need to be scared. Just try it out and see how you would like it. Don’t be afraid. Think of this as an opportunity to express yourself. Aim High and Fly High. Additionally, don’t forget to turn the assignments in on time by the way. Plus, take this seriously. Don’t just write to turn it in. There’s going to be people, audiences, and readers that will read your blog posts. So don’t always say Yolo. Have some considerations for your audiences too alright? Great. 🙂
What my teacher should improve and do differently for next year? I don’t know. I think he did a pretty good job already, by not making this class like hell with tons of homework, like the original English classes. And thank you for making this a fun experience and it has been a pretty interesting year. New ways improve new learning strategies. Better brains, better minds. Take care my friends. I’ll see you all soon. ^^


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