But on this Mission, I Must Go Alone…

This blog post is wonderful. The songs that the blogger posted and shared with the viewers/readers are very nice. The videos teach us about life and how you should be positive and help the person in need. REAL passion and love could actually change a lot of things. Though you may not always take notice of it. But, it will still exist and be out there. Remember, real feelings, when you want to share with others, does not require any prize, recognition, nor payback or that type of things. It came from your heart, leave it as pure as it can be, without all these ideas of how people should know who you are. Because it will reduce the real meanings of your doing this. Expectation is indeed, could be a good thing or a bad thing. If you are not careful, you could get hurt. How powerful are the words really? It could breaks someone’s heart or it could heal it. Relationships between family members, and/or relationships alike, should be maintained on good terms through efforts. Nothing in this world is free. You can gain it through hard work and the best efforts that you have put in. No harvesting if you did not invest in it, right? “Missions” are meant to be going alone, for you and you only, when it’s something that you personally holds dear to you. That is precious to you. Being alone is not that bad after all, right? It gives you time to think things through and some time to relax “by yourself”. Where you do not need to please anybody but be contented with yourself only. To figure out what you want, what you need, who is dear to you, and the list could go on forever. However, do Not be mistaken. Do not overdo it because it could turn bad. Backfires. Anything with the word “a lot” already means not good. So, just stay neutral, like the Yin and Yang circle. Let one thing balance the other. Don’t favor one thing too much. As well as neglecting other thing(s). “Missions” are also meant for a group, where a group of people work together to find or do something that is meaningful to all of them. Could involve their common interests,too. Additionally, protections from people to people, and painful memories, are also a part of this blog post. The songs that were mentioned in this blog post are all very meaningful and on the line of insightful. They make you realize certain things, it could be different based on each individual and based on your take on things. But try to have an open mind when you are reading this and the courage to go through this post. Read through the descriptions and listen to the songs. Even if you don’t like it, it still would be a great learning experience. Who knows, you may have a better understanding of the world and better appreciations, with better decision-making choices. If after reading this, and you’re not sure why I say such great things about this, it’s probably because you don’t have a wide imagination. Make sure to connect things that you have experienced, seen, or learned, and try to see how it worked, applied, and connected to the things that are said in here. “Think outside the box”. Well now, good luck everyone, in trying to find something that is unknown to you, if you can. Great day. 🙂


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