Another State of Mind

“Comrades! Let there be light!” cried somebody.

In the month of April, many people have a sudden flashback of their whole life within just a decisive minute. They would get so emotional that when you look into the depths of their small, little eyes, you would realize something that you have never appreciate before. Something so spectacular and wonderful that many people out there failed to recognize.

Soldiers marched upon the soil of their own country and farmland. Something they considered as their first friends ever right from the moment when they were born. Something called “home.” Of course, men and women alike, both got struck down by lightning but got back up on their feet like a mountain, strong and marvelous. In some cases, due to the natural legit reasoning and facts, they were gone after just a flash of anger as it hits upon them. No one can control this force of Mother Nature, so we just have to make the best out of it.

On the way to serve their homeland, one soldier, who was known as the “Brave Man” throughout the whole unit, suddenly moved his body down to the level of the ground and kiss it. “Why did you do that?” someone asked. “Nothing. Just a normal routine I do.” He replied.

Next thing in the morning, everyone was up and about. Wondering when He, himself, will die. But no one allows it to get in their way of enjoying the morning fresh air. They all started dancing and enjoying themselves when suddenly—

“HELP ME!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!” a distant voice grabbed The soldier’s ears.

“Brave Man” then climbed up above the mountain and everyone else that were standing below and looked about. He spotted someone deep down in a dark hole by only luck. The brilliant soldier jumped off the mountain and started to run towards the hole. When gets there, his mouth were wide open as if the Grim Reaper has taken his soul away, but for only a moment.

The “Brave Man” held out his hand to pull up the poor ladder. “What’s wrong?” he asked the person. “Sir, thank you for your help, but you should have just let me…” he trailed off.

“What? What are you talking about? You think I can do that?? GO! Go NOW to the home of your beloved and I NEVER want to hear that again! Am I Understood?” the soldier talked in a voice that was almost frightening.

Surprised, the ladder asked, “What did you think I was talking about sir?”

“You can still ask me that? Perhaps aren’t you talking about how I should have let you rot in that doom hole of yours?” the soldier answered.

“No sir, you were wrong. It is true indeed, that I was doomed in that hole for quite a while now. But, he stopped for a second, then continued. “But my hole is my hole, no matter how deep and dark. If I can get in there, though by accident or on purpose, I can still save myself. I wanted to ask you then, why did you lend me your hand?”

Taken by surprise, the soldier can only reply with, “Why. For I am born to save people.”

“That’s not true. You are born to save yourself first. Then, you may think of saving others.” The ladder smiled as he said these words. The soldier took on a confusion look as he was trying to figure out what was meant by that statement. Then, he soon realized the meaning. “If I don’t have my life safely secured in my own hand, saving others would be impossible.” The soldier said it thoughtfully.

“It doesn’t specifically mean that, sir” the ladder said. “It meant in order to reach out to others, you have to reach out for yourself first. Give yourself a chance to live, though the chance may be slim.” The soldier is taking in the information slowly as the ladder speaks. After a moment, a bullet suddenly flew over his head and make its way straight into the poor ladder’s head, without a warning. “Brave Man” realized right away the real meaning of the reasoning that the person had made, whom now laid there on the ground, his soul returning to his homeland and getting ready to meet new friends. From a world far beyond the horizon.

“Life,” he said. “is a world full of wonders.”


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