You Have to Lose to Win

In a fight, both parties want to be the winner. That makes sense. Who would want to lose? It’s shameful and embarrassing. But you know what? When couples or just two people fight, one person should take a step back and think, “Lose an argument, not a person.” No one knows how much time anyone have left to live on this earth, before it’s being taken away from the grasp your hands. Life is pretty much thin like a paper. Easy to rip apart at any moment. Sometimes, when you lose, you were able to see more from a different perspective. You see it with different colors and have different take on compare to before.

Do you want to play a little game? Let’s see how many fights or just anything, and that you will be able to act wisely and tell yourself to say “I lose.” You don’t want to do it because you think that you’re right and you shouldn’t be the one to say “I lose”? Well, sometimes, you just got to…

“Take one step back, to move two steps forward.” -Lenin.

Always winning isn’t very helpful either. And remember…


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