Money Lovers

Money. It is the first thing that popped into his mind every time he has a wish. Why? Simple. Without money, he dies. Without money, he gets pushed aside. Without money, he get stepped on. Without money, he is Nothing. Fair enough? Absolutely.

“Money is Everything and Rise Above All Things.”

Everyone loves money, no matter the ages. It brings joy, happiness, and the fulfilled feelings to the soul. There’s two types of money lovers. One, they care too much and are willing to do Anything and Everything to get it. Who cares about the laws and illegal things? As long as there’s money, they’re good to go. Two, the type that cares but doesn’t cross over the line. They still have some conscience in their minds, and earn the money rightfully. Not through bribe, nor through smuggling.

Why should people care about this? Because it’s dangerous and contagious. Easy to spread the disease, I would say. Well, and? Well, if you were happened to be the tree that is in their way to the treasure, you get cut down. No one will be there to protect you because you lack the money. And that could mean that they don’t even have to see you, view you, nor consider you as a person, a human, or of the same species. You’re not the same kind as them. You might just be an insect that is flying and bugging their eyes. So eliminating you would be nothing but as easy as flipping the back of their hands. So why would they care? What can you do about it? Nothing really. You have no power nor money. Unfair? Not at all. No one cares about your feelings, because they don’t have to. There is a saying or a Word that called “YOLO,” meaning You Only Live Once. Hmm…not quite. If you get into an accident and survived, you have lived more than once, because you died and came back to life. Amazing. Without money, you won’t be able to get the surgery done, so there you go, “yolo.”

One should never ever assume that they know anyone fully. Because they don’t. Speaking frankly, you only get to know what they show you or what they tell you. The rest is a secret. That’s why people are dangerous, especially the money lovers.

“One could see one’s face, but not their heart behind closed doors.”

Money symbolizes Death. Does anyone happen to know how many lives are being sacrificed just so the money could be transferred to its “rightful” owner? Because I wouldn’t know. Plus, there are too much to count. It could be considered a waste of time and is pointless even. Your ambitions play a role in this too. Don’t show it too much, intentionally or purposely. Because really, one could use it against you, for no good purposes (usually). So make sure you be careful and contain your ambitions, hide it, control yourself. Or it might be the end of you, too.

“Money Can Not Buy Everything.”

Lastly, don’t want anything too much. What you wish for might actually happen if is what you work for. Because sometimes, wishing for it is just isn’t enough to make it true or becomes a reality.



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