A Deadly Misconception and A Poisonous Assumption

Standing 1000 feet up above the the lake on a mountain, Tyl stared down at his wife with another lion. The anger made its way to Tyl’s head and penetrated through his eye, which now turns cold like the Arctic season, that could not be melted down even using a hottest and brightest fire. He left his position and made his way back to the cave. Moments later, his wife Talie returned with a happy face and smiled at her lovely husband. “Where have you been, Talie?” the male asked.
“Oh, I’ve been at the lake doing some things. Why, my love?” she replied like nothing has happened.
“Nothing, just wondering.” Tyl managed to give her a little smile.

One week later from that destined day, Tyl meets up with his wife in front of the cave and begins, “Talie, I want to meet you up in the mountain 2 miles from here that lies above the lake 1000 feet 3 days from today. I have something special to give to you.” “Oh? I’m so excited! What could it be? It’s been forever since you gave me a surprise!” Talie exclaimed, in both confusion and joy. “You will know soon, my dear.” Tyl responded with a mysterious smirk.

Exactly 3 days later, Talie met up with Tyl on the designated place on the mountain that they have promised to see each other. The female lion was feeling extremely happy, can’t wait to see her husband. While Tyl was planning and setting up some things. The happiness feelings that filled up Talie’s soul soon gave way to the suspense feelings when she saw Tyl walking toward her way. The intense feelings crept up inside her. “T-T-Tyl…Wha-what are you doing?” Talie blabbered with surprise.

“You’re asking me? YOU’RE ASKING ME?!” Tyl screamed. “HOW CAN YOU CHEAT ON ME WITH THAT WICKED LION?!!”

“What are you saying Tyl? I would NEVER EVER do something like that,” she tried to clear his misunderstanding and keep her innocent pure soul.

“DON’T LIE TO ME TALIE, I SAW EVERYTHING!!” said Tyl. After a minute of denial look in Talie’s eyes toward her own husband, who had accused her of doing something so terrible. Talie ran down the mountain as she yelled back, “Your brother and I was planning on your birthday party, we wanted to surprise you!” and continued to run off. Tyl’s blind assumption, misconception, and hurtful accusation ripped and tore her heart apart as she was running. And from that day on, no one ever saw Talie again. She never came back to the cave. The wound that her husband left in her was so deep that it can never be forgiven, for she was the most honorable wife of all times. Tyl stood in front of their home and wait for his wife’s return, or so he had hoped. It was a never-ending wait and it was horrible for someone to live as days kept passing by. Yet, no news of Talie was heard. Some time later, a rumor was passed on that he had died in front of the cave, where he had still been standing, waiting for his wife, until his last breath escaped his soul, that filled with guilt, regrets, and remorse.

“Don’t Put All of Your Belief in Someone, Keep Some for Yourself. So When You Lose that Belief in Someone, You Still Have Yourself to Believe In.”



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