Unwritten Ideas

There are some ideas out there that have not been published nor born to the world.There are many factors that contribute to this reason. Sometimes, it’s because they have none, they haven’t come up with it, or they do not know how to carry out the message the right way. As for me, that usually are the reasons. I currently have some ideas or messages that I want to throw out there and write about it. Unfortunately, I have no idea how. I want to convey my idea the best way possible. Because sometimes, it only brings out the effect if the way you do it is right. On the other hand, even if your idea or lesson or whatever it is, is the best in the world, but you carry it out wrong, it won’t have an effect.

So therefore, if any of you have good ways to give me advice on this problem, be my guest. Never fear, because it is all in your head. And no matter what, it is still your idea. So, even if you were to bring your ideas up the wrong way, just feel free to do that again. Over and over, if you have to. Until you find the best way to carry it out to your readers and audiences. For example, we have scientists and teachers. The teachers have to teach you lessons everyday. Don’t you think they have to plan them all out before they could do that? That is why there are so called “good” and “bad” teachers. It’s not really because they are bad or good literally. It just depends on how they can carry out the lesson plans to the students. The more students that understand their lessons and are successful from their teachings, then the teacher is considered “good”.

For scientists, they make hypotheses and theses. After that, they would have to prove it many times, countless times. When it is certain, they were able to tell the people about their findings. They always back up their ideas with evidences and facts. You see, don’t give up just because you can’t find a way to reveal your ideas. Just keep trying your best until you make it. However, there is also another option that you could choose from, which I did sometimes. You could work on other ideas first, then when you know how to bring out the idea that you wanted, then you can come back and do it. Or just simply, ask others for help. Have a nice day. Good luck and have fun.


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