Hate More Love Less or Love More Hate Less? You choose.

There’s something you must know. The truths and lies and everything on this world are all based upon the powerful Yin and Yang circle. Nothing can escapes this small but humongous little piece of circle. It’s consisted of black and white, moon and son, truths and false, dark and bright, strong and weak, fire and water, and so much more. It is the greatest symbol that could represent the whole Earth.

Family. It is definitely important. Many people do not understand this and keep engraving more scars into the beloved people’s hearts. They think that outsiders are more important so they do not care about what the people in their family think or feel. They just keep damage the relationships either between parents and sons/daughters, sisters between sisters, brothers between sisters, or brothers between brothers.

These unnecessary fights in the household often occur because of many factors contributed to it. Out of all, one factor was the discontentment of one person’s toward their family members. For example, a sister who treats other people (outsiders) nicely and warmly with a smile on her face every time. When at home, every sentence she speaks comes out as a yelling and with an angry voice and an annoyed face. She acts as though her sisters were a bother and always yell no matter when or what they do. Even in front of other people (strangers) and outsiders, which makes her sisters feel embarrassed.

Ask a simple question, she immediately responses with cruel words. Let me ask you, How can problems like that not affect and Damage a Relationship? I mean think about it, even IF you want to maintain a good and healthy relationship, no matter how much you try and forgive every single time. Eventually, you will just break down, and in the worst case scenario, want to deny her as your sister.

Everyone has their own level that they call “limits”. Don’t cross over that line or you will lose something VERY important to you without you knowing it. But once you realize what you have lost, then it’s already too late. So look around and see those around you, appreciate them with love and treat them nicely. Especially your family. Your parents, sisters, and brothers. No matter how much you hate them, they are the only one who’s going to be there when you fall. So, keep that in mind and try to build up more or rebuild the relationship that you have damaged over the period of time before it’s considered as being “too late.”

And also, be the person whose inside is the same as the outside. Be good from the bottom of the hearts. Because just think about it. Imagine that one day, you might not be able to see them ever again. How would you feel? Desperate and want to do Everything you can just to see their familiar faces again? Well, why not do it now. You will split up from them sooner or later, either because of college or jobs or you have your own family. Just like a tree. It has one single body. However, as it grows older, the branches start to separate and have their own life. And they separate again and the process repeats. Even if you want to push it back together, there is no guarantee that it will happen nor will it be easy to do. So, spend and enjoy every little moments you still have with them. Because the time that you can see them is becoming less and less. Time keeps ticking by and will never ticks backward. Understand that concept. Time do not wait for you and nothing ever happens twice. You just got to catch up with it and use it to the best of your capabilities. Don’t do anything that will make you regret for the rest of your life. At least try not to.


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