The Meaning of F.A.I.L. and How to Handle It

Fail? What does that mean? Hmmm….

Dude, have you ever heard of “YOU FAIL!! HAHAHAHAHA”

Well, if you did, then cheer up, because I am here to rescue you.

One sunny morning, Richard, a 10-year-old boy, went outside his house door to enjoy the sunlight. Cars after cars keep passing by until…Suddenly, a girl passed by his door. From where he was standing, the sun shines into the girl’s hair, eyes, and face, which makes him especially attracted to this girl. She looked at him and smile, and the smile lingered within him…

“Who is she?” he wondered. His next move was to run inside the house to ask his dad. Sitting in the kitchen, holding a cup of coffee and reading a newspaper, his dad asked, “Woah woah, calm down big head.” He chuckled. “What’s gotten to you today?”

“Dad, Dad! Who’s the girl that just passed by our house? I have never seen such a beautiful smile. Oh, my princess, my love, I’m falling for you.” Looking at Richard, his dad smiled timidly at how innocent he is and replied, “Her name is Rachel, and she just moved to our neighborhood, young man. And guess what?” “What?? What??” Richard screamed happily, can’t wait for the answer any longer. Dad said sloooooowly, “She lives right next door.”

A huge smile spread across Richard’s face as he was coming up with plan on how to ask this girl out on a “kid-date.” Days after days, he sits by the window, looking out at the night sky and dreams about his perfect date. Finally, one day, he takes up all of the courage he has in him and goes up to the girl he’s been thinking about this past few days, and asked, “Will you go out with me to eat?” Of course, he’s going at a snail pace…

Rachel looks at him weirdly and gave him a one word answer, “No.” The sad look on his eyes and face was priceless. He suddenly became mute and his eyes were full of hot waters, speaking for him. The hot waters (aka tears) announced, “In his place, I hereby declare that Richard is heartbroken and will not go out of his room for the rest of his life.” Without waiting for Rachel’s reaction, his feet decided to run straight into the house and up into his room. His hands then closed the door and everything seems to be collapsing on his small soul.

After a moment, a knock is heard. “Big Boy? What are you doing in there? Open the door for me.” Richard, on the floor now, painfully pulled himself to the door and unlock the handle. After the door revealed Richard’s face to the dad, he felt extremely sad and almost hurt, having to see his little pride and proud son like that. He then demanded, “Richard boy, listen. Every one of us have experienced something like this before. If not once, then many. Are you telling me that this is all you can come up with after one time of failure? Churchill had once said, ‘Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.’”

Richard now looks up at his dad in bewilderment and surprised. His dad continues, “Believe it or not son, the difference between a master and a beginner is that the master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

So tell me kid, which one would you rather be? Beginner or master? And also note that,

After having an open-minded talk with his dad, Richard felt much more better and decides to continue pursuing in what he wants, rather than sitting at home and cry and give up. He knows exactly what he would do. A sudden realization that came from this conversation with his dad has helped and changed his life forever after that. Leading him to a better life. Because after each failure experience, he remembers and refers to this quote. Finally, I hope you all have learned something from reading this post and improve for yourself too. Good luck with life. 🙂 (y)


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