The Lyrics are Talking to Me

Once in a while, we all get sad. Preferably and most of the time, we listened to our music. Songs that we like, to brighten up our mood. Some people who are a fan of sad songs like me, we listened to sad songs when we’re sad (obviously), as well as all the other times. And this happened to me several times already. When I was listening to it, I felt like it was written for me. Like seriously, no kidding. As I sit there listening to every words of the lyrics, I understand them all. Every word, every meaning, every feelings that were exerted from it. Then I felt a little comforted. Because somehow, I was thinking to myself, “This person who wrote this song and many other audiences of this songs might have felt the same way, which enable that person to wrote this song.”

So then I thought, “Hmm…that means I’m not alone.” It was such a miracle how people could relate to the song though every one of them have their own experiences, problems, and different scenarios in life. A song could connect people around the world, no matter where they come from. Pretty awesome. If you have noticed before, you would realize that when you are Happy, the song is just there to keep that mood up. But when you are Sad, you would pay attention to the song and see a connection, a message to your soul. You would totally understand the lyrics then. And on some occasions, the song’s message would be “I am here for you.” This means it had succeeded in fulfilling its duty and mission.

That sentence, that five simple words, could make you feel extremely happy and that there is still someone who cares about you. Because at the moment, you just want to share your story with someone and you want to feel that you are not alone. But those words, as easy as it sounds, is not easy to come by. So simple yet so hard. People that we care about, sometimes we just want them to tell us that they are here for us, that no matter what the world thinks, they still love us. We might even give them hints as to what we want them to say. However, it just seems hopeless. They might not even consider it, they don’t say it, they ignore it.

Now, I know that sometimes they are just clueless. But either way, it should be reasonable enough that those meaningful sentences should have been an instant thing to say, especially when something sad or even traumatic happened to the one(s) they love. Because it shows if they care or not. However, sometimes it made me realize that it’s better when they say it while putting their souls into it, rather than just say it for whatever the purpose is. Therefore, I think it is good from time to time when you meet circumstances like that one. It brings light to your perspective on some things. After all, I realized that the Lyrics were Talking to Me.


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