“Why can’t you just give up?”

“Why can’t you just give up?”, Sarah’s brother asked her sadly and worriedly, as she was sitting down ready to eat breakfast. Sarah has been having a depression over Kyle, the one that she has lost during her field trip with her school. She was sooo obsessed with him that she turned mute. Even now. She disconnected herself from the whole world just because of a teddy bear.

Her isolation was extremely creepy and bad. So much that her brother was on the verge of scaring to lose her. Luckily however, Sarah started to muttered some words as she replied to her brother, Jack, after two full weeks of silence. “You don’t understand.”
“Oh yes I do, Sarah. Just give it up already. You have been searching for it and there’s just nothing. NOTHING.”
“You CAN’T say that!!!!” Sarah started yelling at Jack. “Okay, okay. So how long are you going to hang on to that obsession of yours?” Jack looked into her eyes with his sad eyes.
“Until I found it,” said her.

Jack was a very good older brother. He loved his sister a lot, so he wanted everything good for her. He tried to find Kyle for her, went on this mission, this clueless search, for this past two weeks, though he knows it was hopeless. And he just couldn’t stand it anymore. Jack couldn’t stand seeing his sister in the dark any longer. Though he hated the idea that he have to break it to Sarah that her teddy is not going to come back, he have no other choice. Unfortunately, no matter how much reasoning he used to persuade her, Sarah ignored it completely and just do whatever she was doing. She refused to accept it and as a result, she has learned nothing.

In times like this, the most important thing is to realize the problem and decide if it’s time to let go or not. If it is indeed a hopeless situation, you just gotta do what is best. To give it up. That way, you would save yourself some time and also your energy for other things. Yes, there are some things that you should not give up on and always have to try and strive forward. But remember, things will make its way to you if it is meant to be yours. You need to start taking these lessons into your mind and lock it there. Because if not, You are the Only One that is going to suffer.

As you can see, Sarah in the story decided to go mute and to ignore the world just because of a teddy bear that she really really liked. While reading this, don’t you think it’s a little unreasonable and that she was being too exaggerated and too much? Well, let’s switch up the situation. Pretend that Kyle was a present from Sarah’s dad, and her dad is no longer living in this world.

Now, we could see that Sarah is being totally reasonable. It just that you have to try your best. But if it still doesn’t improve, then you should really think about letting it go gradually (slowly). Just think about it and decide for yourself. Which one would be better for you? Ask yourself that question and then choose. It’s hard, I get it. But hanging onto that something that is not yours will be even harder. Give yourself some room to breathe too okay? Plus, the memories and the things that you can not let go, will sometimes continuously stabbing the wound in your heart, leaving you no chance to heal it, until you are brave enough to face it and “Let It Go.” But don’t forget, just because you don’t hold it back any more, doesn’t mean that it’s gone. It will still be in your heart. So don’t be afraid and woman up. 🙂

And also, you originally did not possess anything. It can come to you, it can leave you. That is just the way of life. This short story implies the meaning of this quote that came from the book “Siddhartha”:




  1. Brandon · January 31, 2015

    Wow, that was fantastic, but I would like to at least know how the two characters are related in the beginning. Just for when readers know who the conversation is between

    Liked by 1 person

    • nguyen2005260 · February 3, 2015

      Thanks Brandon, but it’s because I want to start it off that way with the main sentence first. But I will try to do your way next time. 🙂


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