You Wanna Fight??? Let’s do it!!

Once a tall, angry man dragged his victim to a person’s grave on the street, using a car. “Stop!”- cried the victim on the top of his lung, “Stop! I did not drag my brother beyond thirty minutes.” Upon stopping, the tall man came out of the car and start hitting his victim in the face countless times. He said, “Why did you killed your own brother?! What did he ever do to you?!”

Once upon a time early in the morning, two little boys were running around on the grass chasing each other. They were playing tag. Happiness filled the house. Smiles and laughter were heard throughout the neighborhood. But the family was very poor. On the table were barely any food. Therefore, as the head of the family, the Dad took on his responsibility of protecting and providing food for the family. He head out to find a job. Unfortunately, the job that he got was far, far away from home. So on the next day, the family bid farewell to the Dad, his returning date unknown.

Over years, the house became rich, and the two little boys grew up. Yet, no news of the Dad were heard. Therefore, one of the brothers set out to become the head of the family. The older brother was a boy who was very arrogant, ignorant, obsessive, greedy, and cruel. Knowing his personality, the Mom could not let him take on being the pillar of the family or the household. The second brother was more fitting to be the head of the family. The second one was totally opposite from the first one. He possessed all of the good traits. Everyone loved him because he was nice, friendly, and helpful.

Many more years had passed, and the relationship between two brothers was extremely good and healthy. The first brother was nice and helpful to the second brother. So none of the doubts about the 1st brother’s intention arose. However, on another day, the younger brother went to a party and drank a little bit too much. The 1st brother used this chance, took advantage of it, and tied the 2nd brother up. By the time he knew, the second brother was being dragged along the street surface by a car, until he dropped dead.

Little did one know, all of the good things that the older brother had done until now toward his younger brother were all lies. He faked it, while the 2nd one trusted him with all his might. This hatred started to arise inside the 1st brother’s heart all these past years. He did so well on putting on a happy face and a dangerously heartwarming smile, whenever the two brothers hung out together. He had deceived everyone, including his mom and the younger brother. So as he was faking all that lies, he had planned out a perfect plan to regain the power that he had lost. He also took over the fortune of the whole family, and put them all back under his control.

He enjoyed the reward after his years and years of hard work. He thought he was paid off. But not for long. One day, he went to a party and got himself a little drunk (a little too much). Suddenly, out of nowhere, a tall, angry man grabbed his neck, pushed him to the ground, and tied him up like how he did to his younger brother. And just like his brother, he got dragged on the street surface by a car. “Stop!”-cried the victim on the top of his lung, “Stop! I did not drag my brother beyond thirty minutes. ”

There came an abrupt stop. Angrily, the man got out of his car and shoved the older brother into a something like a tombstone. He turned his head and saw something that shocked him almost half to dead. He saw his familiar younger brother’s name! Gradually lifting his head up, he looked at the man who was standing in front of him. He started to realize the familiar face of his own Dad who’s long lost. Then, before he knew it, darkness fell upon his wide-open eyes. And slowly, he left this world…

Irony: He (the older brother) died on the same day and the same way/method that he used to kill his innocent, young, and lively younger brother years ago.

P.S.: What is NOT Yours will NEVER be Yours.


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