“Listen to the Rain, You may hear Your Voice…”

Rain is a common thing that everybody in the whole world knows about. Often, people symbolize rain with a cup of hot chocolate. An umbrella is probably the most common tool that we think of in terms of rain. There are many different other ways, things, or items that represent rain. However, as I was sitting in my English class and the teacher told us to think, sketch out and fill in as many branches as possible for this blank tree trunk which is Rain, the topic. I filled in all these types of information that associates with the “word”. As I got closer and closer to the quote section, instead of picking a quote that someone already made up, I decided to think of something on my own that I have experienced and realized.

I was thinking about the day that I was in PE class/period. I was walking alone in the air and atmosphere of a clear sky and has the smell of sweet rain that just fell about the sky. I walked and walked, looking at the rain. I was thinking to myself about all these thoughts that were rambling in my head. That was when I got an idea for my quote or at least to come up with it. Because I heard my voice in the rain, my quote became:

“Listen to the Rain, You may hear Your Voice…”

It was very deep, thoughtful, and insightful for me so I wanted to share it with every one out there. But seriously, you could literally figure out many things and find the answers to your questions or even come up with a decision what to do about it. Or simply just feel more refreshing, lighter, and have (more) room to breathe in this complicated world. Rain makes you feel more simple, sometimes. 🙂

So with that being said, you should really try it out sometimes. Take a walk with your loved one(s), walk alone maybe if you want to have some time and space to think about/over something, sit in the house or somewhere and listen to it is fine too. Any ways that you prefer or choose, you might be able to understand and more importantly, experience what I said here in this blog. You might or might not, but don’t worry. Just have a fun time and Enjoy the Rain. 🙂 Wish you all good luck and Love you all ❤


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