Are Arguments Ever Good?

As we all know, arguments usually are the Key that led to the ending of things. However, That is just a Personal Perspective. For me, I see it as a chance to get to know and understand each other better. It gives us a chance to think about where the feelings/cause for a specific argument comes from. It might be bad but it might be good. Everything has its own reason. Though sometimes, you might not agree with their reactions toward that problem entirely, the way they show it. However, you will still be able to understand their perspectives, their feelings, as to why it might happen that way.

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You Wanna Fight??? Let’s do it!!

Once a tall, angry man dragged his victim to a person’s grave on the street, using a car. “Stop!”- cried the victim on the top of his lung, “Stop! I did not drag my brother beyond thirty minutes.” Upon stopping, the tall man came out of the car and start hitting his victim in the face countless times. He said, “Why did you killed your own brother?! What did he ever do to you?!”

Once upon a time early in the morning, two little boys were running around on the grass chasing each other. They were playing tag. Happiness filled the house. Smiles and laughter were heard throughout the neighborhood. But the family was very poor. On the table were barely any food. Therefore, as the head of the family, the Dad took on his responsibility of protecting and providing food for the family. He head out to find a job. Unfortunately, the job that he got was far, far away from home. So on the next day, the family bid farewell to the Dad, his returning date unknown.

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“Listen to the Rain, You may hear Your Voice…”

Rain is a common thing that everybody in the whole world knows about. Often, people symbolize rain with a cup of hot chocolate. An umbrella is probably the most common tool that we think of in terms of rain. There are many different other ways, things, or items that represent rain. However, as I was sitting in my English class and the teacher told us to think, sketch out and fill in as many branches as possible for this blank tree trunk which is Rain, the topic. I filled in all these types of information that associates with the “word”. As I got closer and closer to the quote section, instead of picking a quote that someone already made up, I decided to think of something on my own that I have experienced and realized.

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