The Willingness to Fight and Survive

As we all know, many bullying problems and cases have been and are being reported or are taking place. As I am sitting here writing this post and as you are sitting here reading this post, many more people are being bullied right at this second, this time, this moment. We do not know how bad it really is because we never really try to get to know how it really like. How it affects the bullied people’ lives. Everyday, victims of the bullying are taking their own lives because they can’t stand the bullying. Now, we might ask “Why don’t they stand up for themselves?” and that “Why do they choose to die instead of standing up for themselves or trying to find a solution rather than death?”. Great questions. Now, ask yourself, “Why don’t we try to help them? Why do we choose to be a bystander instead of giving the victims a hand and become an insider? Why are we so scared to get involved?” After you ask yourself these questions, do you get why those victims are scared and almost none of them are trying to stick up for themselves? Because they are all afraid and scared. They are scared that if they stand up to those who bully them, they will get into more troubles. So they would rather keep it to themselves and not get any help at all. Well, I think the real reason is they just don’t have enough Willpower to Fight and Survive.

Okay, I know that some people are not so good dealing with confrontations or have the courage to stand up on the spot. But that does Not excuse you from trying to make your life and situation better. There are more ways to stick up for yourselves than that only one option. You could do something else like tell someone whom you trust about it and figure out a way to stop it, to fix the problem. I mean Come On Come On, Encourage yourself, Protect yourself, Love yourself. These things that I just list or mention could already be your foundation of collecting self-courage. Do something before the situation could get any worse. Don’t just rely on anyone else. Rely on Yourself. You are the only one who are responsible for your own life.

Here are some things you could do to prevent or stop the bullying. —>
If after reading that and you still do nothing about your current situation (if you are a victim) and not trying to do anything to stop it from growing and getting worse every time, then I’m sorry, you are just not willing to fight. The only person you let down by continuing to let those bullies bully you is Yourself.

“If someone bully you, then it’s his fault the first time. But it’s yours if he has the opportunity or chance to do it again.”

And of course, that is very sad. However, Outsiders aka Bystanders, you could do something about it too. For example, report the problem to an adult that you know would care. Make a protest bullying club. I don’t care, just do Something. Don’t sit there and think that the problem is just going to go away. Because that is NOT going to happen. Once it starts, it’s not going to end until somebody do something about it. You could be the Hero and stop it. Don’t be scared. Because if you see and know about it and do Nothing, then you might feel uneasy, regret, and even blame yourself for not helping and/or standing up with/for the victims if something were to happen to them. For example, they might take the road of suicide and instead of saving a life, you blame yourself or feel guilty that you have let that happen before your eyes. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Because I wouldn’t. 

   Stop Hesitating and Start Fighting For Your Own Survival!


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