Stay Strong and Be Brave…Facing the Reality

So often, people think that they have the right to laugh at people that got dumped. I mean really? Is it really THAT Funny?? Have you ever put yourself in their shoes and realized how mean You are? Well, most of the time, they don’t. That’s why they think that it’s fine for them to do so. Okay then, let’s take a vote. How many of you think that making fun of someone is fun? Do you? Because I really don’t know. People might say, “Ohhh that is Very Bad!! How could someone even Do That??” Uh huh, yeah sure. People do it ALL the time, except for the exceptions.

Getting dumped is already a tragedy itself, why do people have to make it any more worse than that? Seriously. You are Not going to be “COOLER” because you do that. It just shows that you’re a very heartless and indecent person. I mean making fun of something is a form of art, it makes you happy and brings good times and happiness. BUT, you have to be careful picking the subject that you’re going to make fun of.

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The Willingness to Fight and Survive

As we all know, many bullying problems and cases have been and are being reported or are taking place. As I am sitting here writing this post and as you are sitting here reading this post, many more people are being bullied right at this second, this time, this moment. We do not know how bad it really is because we never really try to get to know how it really like. How it affects the bullied people’ lives. Everyday, victims of the bullying are taking their own lives because they can’t stand the bullying. Now, we might ask “Why don’t they stand up for themselves?” and that “Why do they choose to die instead of standing up for themselves or trying to find a solution rather than death?”. Great questions. Now, ask yourself, “Why don’t we try to help them? Why do we choose to be a bystander instead of giving the victims a hand and become an insider? Why are we so scared to get involved?” After you ask yourself these questions, do you get why those victims are scared and almost none of them are trying to stick up for themselves? Because they are all afraid and scared. They are scared that if they stand up to those who bully them, they will get into more troubles. So they would rather keep it to themselves and not get any help at all. Well, I think the real reason is they just don’t have enough Willpower to Fight and Survive.

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How To Bring Out The Leader In YOU

“The only things in life you regret, are the risks that you didn’t take.”

Not everyone have the “leader” characteristics where you could be outgoing, friendly, great at working together, nice, everyone likes you, etc. All of the characteristics that leaders usually have, we might have one or two, or maybe even none… (sad, I know 😦 )

But don’t worry, because I will try my best to lead u to the direction of becoming a leader and how to improve your leader skills. 🙂

Here are some of the skills or things you will need to be or become a leader. However, of course there are much more than those that I will be telling you. But let’s go ahead and get started, shall we? Are you ready to bring out that “leader” in You? Let’s find out. 🙂

Step 1. You would need…

Step 2.

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