The Beauty and The Beast

 Hey hey, are you sure I’m talking about this one? Nope, you’re wrong. I’m talking more about the deeper stuff man. And that stuff comes from our own Self. As we all know, there’s something called the Angel (the Beauty) and the Devil (the Beast).

Those two comes from our own Self. We make decisions everyday based on those two small characters on our left and right shoulders. Like the title, one is good like an angel and the other is bad like a devil. Every time we make a decision, those two will fight inside of us and whoever wins, we’re going to have our answer from there.

Now, everyone makes mistakes. So sometimes, we let the evil side wins. For example, we see someone who fell down in front of us and we wanted to help, but we’re kind of running late to class and we don’t want to get a detention. So instead of stopping and helping that person out, we chose to run to our class so we could be there on time, leaving them there lying on the ground. By the way, that person has a temporary broken leg, so it’s pretty difficult for them to stand up by themselves. Doesn’t that mean we’re helping the evil side out and let it win? And whenever you think of how you did not help that person out, don’t you feel bad inside your heart? Even worse, what if some time later after that incident, That person help you out when you needed and arrived late to class? Doesn’t That makes you feel more bad?

Okay, then let’s switch the situation. Same scenario and instead of being selfish, you go help that person get up. And yes, you’re going to be late to class and yes, you’re going to get a detention. However, you feel happiness inside your heart that you have do what you wanted to do, helping the needed. And even though you arrive late to class and get yourself a detention, you will still feel good about yourself, proud that you didn’t let your angel side down. You had helped it.

So remember, when you do something, make sure that if you can pick the good side, you definitely should choose that Angel inside of you over the Devil. Make good choices. I’m not telling you to always always pick the good side, but Only if that won’t make you regret. Because I know that sometimes, you need that evil inside of you. Trust me. Therefore, make sure you know when to pick what, balance them out and pick the right decision. Even if you were to pick one that you’re going to regret, that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. Just wait until next time and try to pick the right decision. Nobody is perfect. Okay? Best of luck to you, my friend. 😉


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