Your HEART Knows Best

Follow your heart because your heart knows best,
Don’t let others and the outsiders influence you,
Because your heart knows best.

You don’t know what to do?
You got stuck in a sticky situation?
Listen to your heart,
Because your heart knows best.

You can ask others to give you advice,
But the final decision comes from you,
From your mind,
From your heart,
From your feelings.

No one knows you better than yourselves.
Because why?
Because your heart knows best.

People can’t really decide things for you.
They can provide you with solutions to your problems,
But they don’t really know what’s going on in your mind.

Their solutions to your problems might make sense,
Might seems like that’s the right things.
But little does they know,
Your mind is in a COMPLETE mess.

They might get angry that you ask them for your advice,
And then you don’t follow it.

But don’t worry,
Because all you need to do is pick whatever suits you best.

They don’t know your inside story,
So they can’t blame you for not listening to what they told you to do.
This is your life.

What should we do when things keep getting tangled and tangled more each day?
What to do when your mind is a mess?
Should you continue or should you give up?

In these situations,
All you have to do is relax.
Give yourself some time to gather yourself back.
Give yourself some time to think.

If you need to,
Feel free to distance yourself a little from everyone else,
So that you can focus on your heart.
Try to ask for/search for some answers within yourself.

Ask yourself some questions.
Is it worth trying?
What will you gain from keep trying?
Does it make you stronger?

Give yourself some options.
Would you rather be brave and face your problems,
Or would you rather just give up without trying?

You could ask yourself all types of questions,
Use as much time as you need to collect your thoughts,
And THEN make the decision.

Make sure you won’t regret your decision.
Make sure you try your hardest before giving up.
Make sure you are HAPPY with your choice/decision.

So that later when you look back,
You don’t blame others for the outcome.
Just do what you got to do,
But most importantly,
Listen to your heart,
Because your heart knows best.


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