We find ourselves traveling on a long journey through life.  And on that journey, we find friends who will share it with us or not, either walk on the same path or separate.  But friends are one of the factors that make our life awesome or the opposite…. We might find ourselves some loyalty friends a.k.a. “real friends” or “true friends” who help us inside and out, encouraging and comforting us in times of need.  Indeed, however, It is very rare to find them.

However, we sometimes find some “fake friends”, who will on the outside, help us, but on the inside, they will try to pull us down or put us down secretly.  Because believe it or not, let’s think about this, Who would want someone to be better and higher (at a higher place) than us ourselves?  Right?

I’m not saying that we are all alike and doesn’t like it when someone is better than us.  But I’m talking about the majority of the people in the world who’d think that way.  That is where we separate true friends from fake friends.  See how this work?The difference between them is that one will walk out our life when we need them (the most) and one will stay for us even when we tell them to leave.  In your entire life, you might find only one true friend, and that’s okay because it’s better to have one real friend rather than have a bunch of fake friends, don’t you agree?  And also, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”  Just remember that.

Like in Caine’s Arcade video, it talks about a 9 year old boy who uses whatever he have as materials, doesn’t matter if there are only boxes and some tapes, because with just that, he was able to debut his OWN arcade.

Isn’t that cool?  But when he first proposes this idea to his friends, they just teased and laughed at him.  Would a real friend do that?  Rather, instead of that, real friends would encourage you and ask what you’re planning on making, how could they help them, or you know, just anything that is helpful.  Do you see the difference?  I mean, where would the fake friends be when we go through hard times?  Sitting at home eating ice cream and snacking on chips?  As sad as it sounds, Most likely, it will be the case.


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