The Beauty and The Beast

 Hey hey, are you sure I’m talking about this one? Nope, you’re wrong. I’m talking more about the deeper stuff man. And that stuff comes from our own Self. As we all know, there’s something called the Angel (the Beauty) and the Devil (the Beast).

Those two comes from our own Self. We make decisions everyday based on those two small characters on our left and right shoulders. Like the title, one is good like an angel and the other is bad like a devil. Every time we make a decision, those two will fight inside of us and whoever wins, we’re going to have our answer from there.

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Gossiping is Good

Gossipers be like:   

Gossip-ee be like:   

As a human being, we always judge each other on how we are dressed, how we look. Basically, judgement is made based on the things that are externally shown. Like a saying, “Don’t judge a book based on its cover,” we never know if the contents are good until we read it and get to know it. But, most of the time, we only look at the cover and that’s the end of it. We never really get to know that person or that book. That is Not our fault however, because that’s how we were made. Our mind only want to know or look further into something when that thing sounds interesting to us. Otherwise, we ignore them. Just like this title that I put as my blog post title. If you are reading this post, then that means I have succeeded in increasing your curiosity and grasped your interest. Nice, and thank you all for reading this post. 🙂

With that being said, I’m going to start talking about why gossiping is good. So, we all know that there’s always a good side and a bad side to everything. Nothing is perfect, right? Therefore, gossiping also play its role in being a two-sided, imperfect creation of our nature. Gossiping has a negative connotation to it already when the word is being spoken. But, have you ever think about the reasons behind why people gossip? Probably not, right? Don’t worry, me neither. Like everyone else out there in this world, whenever I hear the word or think of the word “gossiping,” I think of it as a bad thing. But, just minutes ago before I started to write about this blog, my thinking about the word “gossiping” changed thanks to my English teacher. He opened up my view and make me want to write about this post.

So first of all, gossiping all started because of something we see and it later became known as rumors. Now, some rumors are good and some are bad. Some are lies but some are the truths. We never know for sure. However, most of the time in high school, we gossip about people who are weird and people who we hate or dislike. Since the “normal” people gossip about “weird” people, doesn’t that make the “weird” people interesting? They stand out and are different from the rest of us, that’s why people talk about them. That could be a good thing don’t you think?

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Your HEART Knows Best

Follow your heart because your heart knows best,
Don’t let others and the outsiders influence you,
Because your heart knows best.

You don’t know what to do?
You got stuck in a sticky situation?
Listen to your heart,
Because your heart knows best.

You can ask others to give you advice,
But the final decision comes from you,
From your mind,
From your heart,
From your feelings.

No one knows you better than yourselves.
Because why?
Because your heart knows best.

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Love + Passion = Broken Hearts or Happiness?

Have you ever been in a relationship? Have you ever loved someone? Have you ever got your heart broken? Severely broken?  Well, Creon in the book Sophocles once said, “Time eases all things.” (Pg. 79) But does it really work? Or you’re just surrounding yourself with lies to help you escape from the reality? LOVE can make your day. But LOVE can be deceiving. Because LOVE can tear you down…alive.

Any relationships or just Anything comes to an end. Like they always say “Nothing lasts forever.” And so is love. Don’t expect love to be special and can last through time. It could happen, but the chances are very very slim to almost impossible/none. So why waste your time thinking it’s going to work and keep dreaming about it? Instead, wouldn’t it be more efficient if you think about now, where you can take control of the situation? Live in the moment, forget about the past, and look forward to the future.

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We find ourselves traveling on a long journey through life.  And on that journey, we find friends who will share it with us or not, either walk on the same path or separate.  But friends are one of the factors that make our life awesome or the opposite…. We might find ourselves some loyalty friends a.k.a. “real friends” or “true friends” who help us inside and out, encouraging and comforting us in times of need.  Indeed, however, It is very rare to find them.

However, we sometimes find some “fake friends”, who will on the outside, help us, but on the inside, they will try to pull us down or put us down secretly.  Because believe it or not, let’s think about this, Who would want someone to be better and higher (at a higher place) than us ourselves?  Right?

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